The beef Exchange

cheaper than retail more convenient than wholesale

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Because beef will probably have to be purchased with conventional forms of money for the time being and other expenses paid for in domestic currency the initial program participation fee will need to be paid for at least partially in cash. To the extent that conventional forms of money are required to operate the program sales also will need to be in units of the domestic currency. Membership fees need to be set at a level where the fund is liquid at the time of sale. That is total costs to prepare the beef for sale must be established then divided between members so each member pays an equal share to participate in the program.


This booklet can be used for promotional uses and instruction. It explains everything you want and need to know about beef and how to save the most amount of money by means of the Exchange program.


Points To Remember:

  • No experience required to start or use the program
  • No selling required
  • No labor required
  • No training required
  • No work required
  • Earn money                          
  • Save money
  • No set up fee
  • No franchise fees
  • The information is free   
  • Quit at any time
  • No inventory required
  • No individual bulk buying required.
  • Buy no more than you wish at any one time.
  • No need for long term storage
  • Eliminate risk of 'freezer burn'
  • Buy at wholesale get the convenience of retail

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