The beef Exchange

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How The Program Works

Each person purchases one membership. The price of a membership represents one equal portion of the initial cost of setting up the program. The specific cost of participation is estimated based upon the wholesale cost of purchase and processing the first order. The program is sustainable meaning that the program once begun pays for itself. The initial cost is determined by the cost of a side or quarter of beef and making it customer ready, that is weighed and wrapped in family sized portions divided by the number of Partners. The more Partners in the program the lower the initial cost. Each member pays an equal portion of the total set up cost and each member is paid for any contribution in time, skills or other assets they bring to the program. Members are paid according to a set rate agreed upon at the initiation of the program. The rate is determined by the program participants or by officers who have been assigned this responsibility. The more work done by members the more money members save. The more work done by members the more credits they can put towards the purchase of product. The program works best when members provide the equipment, space and skills useful to the program. A steer or side or quarter is purchased according to the size and needs of the group and made customer ready either by the supplier or by the participants. If there is a butcher within the group he with some helpers may do the processing. This can be done at the slaughterhouse or at a local store if space can be obtained for a few hours. The Beef Exchange pays for all work done using vouchers as a form of currency. Vouchers are redeemed for beef during the sale. All up-front costs are estimated and divided by the total number in the program and this determines the cost of membership in the program. 


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