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How The Program Works 2

If a side processed may be had for $800.00 and twenty people are in the program then the cost per person to join is $800. /20 = $40. A side weighs about 360 pounds dressed so this gives each member about 17 pounds of meat. This is an approximation. A list of cuts available and the quantity of each is given to each participant upon joining. This information is provided in the booklet. A silent auction may be held to sell the product. A book with bids recorded can be provided at a physical location or the auction can be held on-line. Each participant bids on the cuts they wish to purchase. Each cut is packaged and weighed and numbered for reference. Unless proper display cases and packaging is available product should remain sealed and refrigerated. Each package is properly identified so it can be matched with the buyer. Pictures of the product can be used to assist in the selling if display of the product is not an option. Highest bid wins but if a case of default occurs the next highest bid is contacted. Every part of the carcass is packaged and sold. Zero bids are permitted. If a buyer wishes to purchase an item for zero cost the potential purchaser makes a zero bid. Fat and bones and other parts may be sold in this way. The more of the carcass sold the lower the over-all cost. Purchases are paid for at time of sale. Profits from the sale are shared equally amongst the programs participants or can be put towards the next round. It is not a condition of the program that anyone purchase product. Profits are distributed whether the individual purchased product or not. The capital can be paid back to stakeholders or used to purchase the next side of beef.

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