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A person familiar with this process will be required and if none of the members are familiar with the work of processing beef the work is best done on site by the seller or other professional. Processing meat is not a job for amateurs except in the role of helpers.

Buyers: The fewer restriction placed on bids the better the auction will work. Each person bids what he or she chooses for all they choose to bid on. If one person wishes to pay $30.00 a pound for tenderloin and bids this amount on every package available for sale then as the highest bidder he or she wins the bidding. In this respect, the member is a customer. Those who are willing to pay high get the meat they wish those who prefer to pay less earn more compared to the profits distributed. This makes the program a win/win situation. A member can buy what they want and if they do not get what they want they earn income on the purchase made by the higher bidder.

Work: Those who work deserve to get paid. Everything done to make the program work whether in the purchase, preparation or distribution of the product has value and is paid for out of the initial set up costs otherwise the group will not persist. Jobs should be allocated to save program money though a base rate should be agreed to at the start of the program with additional monies paid if this is required. If everyone is paid $15.00 per hour for the work they do on the program then the only difference between what people earn will be how many hours are worked.

A person who thinks someone is being paid too much for the work done has the option of bidding to do the job cheaper. If everyone is unwilling to do the job at the posted rate then either it is contracted out or someone can offer to do it at a higher rate.

An executive to oversee the program is voted in at the programs start up and paid at an agreed upon rate. He or 10 she will have final authority to implement decisions voted on and carried by the majority.

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