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product he or she wishes, then the bidding starts to decrease until the next bidder comes in. He or she likewise takes whatever product he or she wishes for the price bid. The sale continues in this matter until all product is sold.

It is possible for a member to earn more than they spent depending on the bids made and total earned.

No one is required to purchase a set amount of product or any amount at all. The paid-up shares pay for the carcass and the cost is recouped in the sale. Profits or loses are divided equally amongst all program participants.

Less desirable cuts may be had at a very low cost or free if Demand is low.

Matching bids are filled first come first served. Subsequent bids need not be lower. Each buyer makes a bid with highest bid being filled first but if two bids are the same, the auction increases bids until only one bidder remains. The high bid is given first purchase option followed by the next highest bidder.

$0.00 bids are allowed. Bones and other less desirable products can be purchased at zero cost.

The Auction System: The meat is made consumer ready that is packaged in reasonable amounts by weight.

Product is sold to the highest bidder in a silent auction or alternatively a Dutch Auction. A book can be used listing the packages and weights or an online bidding system can be established. The meat can be displayed or kept in a refrigerated state until sold.

Profits are shared amongst members after all costs have been accounted for.

Processing: The animal can be processed and purchased at the local abattoir for a fee or hanging sides can be purchased depending on the group’s preference. If an animal is purchased and custom killed the entire animal should be saved so that the guts etc can be processed into pet food. 

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