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A side of beef gives the buyer all the cuts for a relatively low price, but the buyer receives approximately 300 pounds of beef at one time.  Storage and freshness is a consideration.

A front quarter is a cheaper proposal than buying a full side (20 to 40 cents a pound less) but the buyer will get primarily a selection of the cheaper cuts.  The rib is a good cut and the chuck can provide good roasting and pot boiling cuts.  Expect to get a lot of ground beef and stew however.

 A hind quarter gets you the best quality cuts but naturally is more expensive than either a full side or a front quarter.  This is especially true during the summer months when demand for steaks capable of being barbequed puts upward pressure on many of the choice selections found in the hind but more especially in the loin.

Prices can go to 90 cents a pound more than you would pay for a full side.




There is an approximate 27% loss due to cutting and trimming and deboning an A1 or A2 side.




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