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Primal Cuts are the larger portions into which a side or quarter are cut. Buying a primal will give you more of the type of meat you prefer.  There is a down side to this in that selection can be expensive especially if in season and it limits the variety of cooking available to you.  One might not desire to eat strip loin every day even though it is a treat when eaten occasionally.  However, if you have limited storage space and have a favorite cut of beef, this might be an option to consider.



depending on the cut, beef can be, …

  1. roasted
  2. fried
  3. broiled
  4. barbequed
  5. stewed
  6. pot roasted
  7. brown stewed
  8. curried          




The following are the approximate lengths of time various cuts may be stored in your freezer.

ROASTS: 9-12 months

STEAKS: 6-9 months

STEW BEEF: 3-6 months

GROUND BEEF: 3-4 months