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cheaper than retail more convenient than wholesale

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purchase a spoiled piece of meat? Eliminating over-stock can add substantially to their overhead.

The Beef Exchange does not engage in large advertising campaigns. Our program is spread primarily through word of mouth and small group activities.

Supermarkets are well known for their large full-page ads usually consisting of several pages of coloured graphics and costing tens of thousands of dollars.  The consumer ultimately absorbs the cost of these ads.

The Beef Exchange is organizationally flat. The Beef Exchange does not have the management expenses that are unavoidable with a Supermarket or chain store.

The Beef Exchange avoids much of the storage and display costs of supermarkets.  Since the Beef Exchange buys only what has been sold it does not have the need for large display areas nor do we experience the same level of storage expenses.

The Beef Exchange is owned and operated by its members so it escapes the common business problem and expense of training new employees and keeping the skilled ones.

The Beef Exchange does not have the inefficiencies of a regular business that must rely on less than inspired employees. Those who work in The Beef Exchange are the owners and have an equal stake in the success of the enterprise. Motivation is never the problem in The Beef Exchange as in conventional businesses.

Other savings are achieved because The Beef Exchange has eliminated the cost of leasing retail space.  Most of our processing, including the cutting and packing of orders is done on-site, at the wholesaler’s. Other options may exist as each Exchange is operated by members and will have unique options available to it. 

But the main reason why the Beef Exchange can sell first class beef so cheaply is that there is no uncertainty associated with the way The Beef Exchange does business. All risk is incorporated into the Beef Exchange. There are no